Use Cases

Initially built for connecting some of the world’s foremost experts to their customers, our AI is adept at having personalized, authentic and human-like conversations at the scale of mass outreach.

Qualify Leads

Effortlessly qualify leads with personalized SMS conversations, ensuring your sales team focuses on the most promising prospects.

  • Identify the best leads

  • Route the right leads to the right teams

  • Provide in-depth context and customer analysis to your sales team

  • Understand the buyer’s intent for assigning to the sales team

Sample Industries: Education, Home Improvement, Travel/Lodging

Book Sales

Connect your leads to a live agent, or seamlessly book sales directly, turning conversations into conversions, with the AI agent who:

  • Employs the best sales techniques

  • Knows your products inside and out

  • Knows the customer its talking to

  • Proactively drives the sales conversation

Sample Industries: Home Security, Entertainment, Services

Lifecycle Marketing

Nurture customer relationships with targeted SMS campaigns, guiding them through every stage of the lifecycle.

  • Reengaged lapsed customers

  • Upsell your customers on things they will love

  • Keep your customers informed

  • Stay connected with your best customers

Sample Industries: Retail, Real Estate, Subscription Services

Cart Abandonment

Recover lost sales with timely conversations, that go beyond a simple reminder or a static message.

  • Connect to potential customers before the sale is lost

  • Drive real sales conversations, not canned messages

  • Empathize with customers to understand what they need

  • Stand apart from the competition

Sample Industries: Insurance, E-commerce, Hospitality

Account Servicing

Provide personalized account servicing, across many industries and many services.

  • Collect debt

  • Set up payment plans

  • Send account service reminders

  • Acquire needed customer information

Sample Industries: Finance, Debt Relief, Government Services

Engage Your Audience

Make yourself available in a new way, by turning your content and your style into an AI that your audience can engage with deeply. Allow your audience to:

  • Get answers to questions, rooted in your content

  • Engage deeply with your ideas

  • Apply your teachings to their lives

  • Feel connected to you, in a new way

Sample Industries: Coaching, Sports, Professional Services