Our mission is to help businesses step into the AI revolution quickly, effectively and responsibly.

Our Vision

We believe that over the next two to three years, AI will completely change the way companies approach many of their core functions. AI will change cost structures, workforce needs and customer expectations. We’re hyper-focused on figuring out what that will look like, so that you don’t have to. We’re here to help so that you can continue focusing on your core business, while making sure not to get left behind by this emerging technology.

Our Origins

We took a roundabout journey to where we are today. At first, we built a logistics company, but ultimately struggled with hiring, managing and getting results from our sales workforce. We saw a large discrepancy between our best and worst sales people, noticed consistent departures from policy, struggled to hire enough people, and spent way too much on the ones we did find. The costs and results simply didn’t work for a business with our margins. Still, personal sales remained our most effective customer acquisition channel. We set out to fix this, and realized that this was the business we need to build.

Our team is passionate about technology, and looked towards new innovations to solve our issues. We began exploring AI, and learning all the ways it could of solved our issues, and all the ways it will solve business issues going forward.

Our Team

Stan Shapiro

Over a decade of building products in emerging technologies, across industries, from big tech like Amazon to startups of various sizes.

Joseph Hatch

Background in incubating startups and driving strategic partnerships in venture investing and private equity, at banks like Goldman Sachs and Intermountain Ventures.

Caleb Tonkinson

Ran engineering teams at Qualtrics, before moving to early-stage startups as a founding engineer.

Jonathan Crawley
CSO and Advisor

Former McKinsey consultant that has led strategy and finance at multiple startups, through successful exits of over $800M.

Matt Meyers

Building software and running engineering teams at tech giants like Qualtrics and Meta as well as at early-stage startups.