Engage your customers & close new leads while you sleep.

We leverage the latest breakthroughs in AI to help you engage customers in authentic, personalized and human-like conversations, at the scale of mass communication.

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Talking to customers is critical but not always easy

As your business grows, customer outreach becomes more difficult.

Time Sensitive

Hot leads cool off instantly, and engaged customers lapse if left unattended.


Talking to customers the right way takes time and money, and requires your best people.


With a growing customer base,  mass outreach often replaces personal conversation.

Error Prone

Your best and worst agents vary, and humans are prone to making mistakes.

Luminaries AI is changing the game on customer outreach

Initially built for connecting some of the world’s foremost experts to their customers, our AI is adept at having personalized, authentic and human-like conversations at the scale of mass outreach.


Our AI learns about your product and your business

Connect your data directly, or upload documents


Then it learns about your leads or customers

We’re integrated with the largest CRMs and data tools, for easy access


The AI then tunes to your specific business and industry

It tunes it’s knowledge base to the relevant laws, regulations, sales techniques and policies


Finally define a campaign with customers and desired outcomes, and let the AI do the rest

Select customers and triggers, then the AI engages in a 2-way conversation

Applications For Your Business

See how Luminaries can streamline some of your customer contact tasks, from getting new customers, to engaging your existing ones, to drive sales and usage.

Qualify Leads

Leads vary in quality, and in intent. Our AI saves your sales team time and busy work by qualifying the leads and automatically setting up sales calls.

Book Sales

Bypass the sales team altogether. The AI can take the lead from start to finish.

Lifecycle Marketing

Reengage lapsed users, or upsell to existing ones. Your existing customers are your most valuable asset, and the best way to keep them engaged is to contact them regularly.

Cart Abandonment

Don’t let those sales disappear. Let our AI get that sale back for you, as soon as the user abandons their cart.

Account Servicing

Need to collect on a bill or debt, set up a payment plan, or get updated information? Customers are desensitized to automated messages. They respond to real conversations.

Engage Audience

Let customers engage with your content, in your voice. Scale yourself and engage deeply with your audience, by making your deep content catalogue interactive.

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Let us show you how AI can change your ability to communicate with your customers, and achieve better results for a fraction of what you spend now.